Giant Support is a TV pilot about a support group for tall people.

Tall people have problems, too... We promise! What about shoes... pants... ceiling fans?!?

Have you ever been sized out of a role because you tower over the lead?  Or tried being 6'3" in the back seat of a Mini Cooper?  Or know if the air really is cleaner up there? We have.  And we do.

In this hilarious comedy we'll shine light upon the unknown world of these Giant Humans...  Will Eliza find love, or is she just too tall?  What the hell is Dom doing there? Is there something going on between Jackie and Andrew?  Will Johnnie ever make it on the Wall Streets?  Can Willy get his Giant Utopia, or will he just take his shirt off?  Are there really white women named India? And is she even certified?!? How far will these Giants go to feel like they belong?    

We can't wait to share this GIANT comedy with you.  Coming in Fall 2021!



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